Information for Sponsors

Sponsor Information Sheet & Form

Halifax Sci-Tech Expo Association is a not-for-profit organization that administers and organizes the Regional Science Fair for students in grade 7-12 in HRM.  These students compete for various prizes including the opportunity to attend the Canada Wide Science Fair in May.

It is only through the generous support of  our sponsors that HSTE is able to create this wonderful opportunity of learning, sharing and networking for close to 100 students each year.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • CWSF Student Sponsors provide the necessary funding ($2000) to send one, of six,  students to the Canada Wide Science Fair in May
  • Other financial donations may be designated for specific awards or for general operation of HSTE (ie, catering, participant kits, etc.) in the following levels:
    • Bronze Sponsor—$100-$399
    • Silver Sponsor—$400-$699
    • Gold Sponsor—$700-$999
    • Platinum Sponsor—$1000+
  • The Lunch Sponsor provides lunch for all participants on the day of the Regional Science Fair (approximately $1200)
  • Scholarship Sponsors provide a scholarship as an award at the HSTE
  • In-kind sponsors help through the donation of  required goods and/or services
  • Mentorship sponsors provide mentorships or shadow opportunities for HSTE participants

As a sponsor you will:

  • be acknowledged (logo and/or name) on our website and print material
  • have the opportunity to provide a presenter (if you have designated your donation to a specific award) at the HSTE awards ceremony
  • be invited to view projects during Halifax Sci-Tech Expo
  • know you are helping to encourage youth pursue their interest in the fields of science and technology

 Sponsor Information Sheet & Form

“The Canada Wide Science fair is such a great opportunity! It’s very rare that you’ll get to meet the best and brightest all within the span of a few days. The concept of competing in science fairs is a great way to ignite passion for science, as well as encourage those to pursue their individual areas of interest. If I had to describe the the Canada Wide Science Fair in one word, that word would be AMAZING!” – Isaac Adams, 2009 CWSF finalist, Halifax West High School