Get Started!

On this page you’ll find some links and information which will help students get started on a science fair project, and will give teachers some guidance in starting or running a school science fair.

Teacher Resources


In many cases students will be in a school that run’s a school-based science fair once (sometimes twice) a year.  In that case, please check with teacher who runs the fair to find out about participating in your school-based fair.

If you’re in a school that has no school-based fair, fear not, you can still participate.  Please get in touch with the HSTE Committee ( early in the fall to let us know you are interested and have begun to work on your project.

  • Youth Science Canada has a great summary available with important links to Ethics & Safety,  Judging, and Policy (including discipline, project presentation, etc.) that will help you in each step of your science fair project.
  • Youth Science Canada also operates SMARTS – a place where you can learn more about science fairs and science projects by interacting with current and past participants.
  • contains many resources including a section specifically for Science Project Help.